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502.4.7 Vestibules. A door that separates conditioned space from the exterior shall be protected with an enclosed vestibule, with all doors opening into and out of the vestibule equipped with self-closing devices. Vestibules shall be designed so that in passing through the vestibule it is not necessary for the interior and exterior doors to open at the same time.

1. Buildings in climate Zones 1 and 2 as indicated in Figure 301.1 and Table 301.1.
2. Doors not intended to be used as a building entrance door, such as doors to mechanical or electrical equipment rooms.
3. Doors opening directly from a sleeping unit or dwelling unit.
4. Doors that open directly from a space less than 3,000 square feet (298 m2) in area.
5. Revolving doors.
6. Doors used primarily to facilitate vehicular movement or material handling and adjacent personnel doors.