ICC Subscriptions
4603.6.5.1 Group R-1 hotel and motel manual fire alarm system. A manual fire alarm system that activates the occupant notification system in accordance with Section 907.6 shall be installed in existing Group R-1 hotels and motels more than three stories or with more than 20 sleeping units.

1. Buildings less than two stories in height where all sleeping units, attics and crawl spaces are separated by 1-hour fire-resistance-rated construction and each sleeping unit has direct access to a public way, egress court or yard.
2. Manual fire alarm boxes are not required throughout the building when the following conditions are met:
2.1. The building is equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system installed in accordance with Section 903.3.1.1 or 903.3.1.2;
2.2. The notification appliances will activate upon sprinkler water flow; and
2.3. At least one manual fire alarm box is installed at an approved location.