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M1601.4.1 Joints, seams and connections.
All longitudal and transverse joints, seams and connections in metallic and nonmetallic ducts shall be constructed as specified in SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards—Metal and Flexible and NAIMA Fibrous Glass Duct Construction Standards. All joints, longitudinal and transverse seams, and connections in ductwork shall be securely fastened and sealed with welds, gaskets, mastics (adhesives), mastic-plus-embedded-fabric systems or tapes.

Closure systems used to seal flexible air ducts and flexible air connectors shall comply with UL 181B and shall be marked "181 B-FX” for pressure-sensitive tape or "181 B-M” for mastic. Duct connections to flanges of air distribution system equipment shall be sealed and mechanically fastened. Mechanical fasteners for use with flexible nonmetallic air ducts shall comply with UL 181B and shall be marked 181B-C. Crimp joints for round metallic ducts shall have a contact lap of not less than 1 inch (25.4 mm) and shall be mechanically fastened by means of not less than three sheet-metal screws or rivets equally spaced around the joint.

Closure systems used to seal metal ductwork shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Round metallic ducts shall be mechanically fastened by means of at least three sheet metal screws or rivets spaced equally around the joint. Unlisted duct tape shall not be permitted as a sealant on any duct.

1. Spray polyurethane foam shall be permitted to be applied without additional joint seals.
2. Where a duct connection is made that is partially inaccessible, three screws or rivets shall be equally spaced on the exposed portion of the joint so as to prevent a hinge effect.
3. Continuously welded and locking-type longitudinal joints and seams in ducts operating at static pressures less than 2 inches of water column (500 Pa) pressure classification shall not require additional closure systems.